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6 steps to buy a villa in Ibiza

Dreaming on being the owner of a house in Ibiza? Wishing to buy a villa in Ibiza?

buy a villa in ibiza

With a few simple steps you can make it possible :

1 – Look for a profesional, there are dozens on the island but please make sure is someone you can really trust on. Our sales department will help you in your choice, and will give you some good advices about land sales, new constructions or existing homes.

2 – Once you´ve chosen the places you´d like to visit, we´ll organize house visits at your convenience. If you need us to help you in the seeking of an accomodation for a short stay we can also take care.

3 – If you find the villa or the home of you dreams, you´ll need the following documents :

a) Get a NIE ( número de identificación de extranjeros = foreigner identification number ), to be obtained by Policia Nacional Station or by a “gestoría”.

b) open a bank account number in a spanish Bank.

buy a villa in ibiza

4 – Purchase costs will be approximately 8% of the purchase value is divided into Notary fees, registration (about 6% VAT and 0.2 log) and Land Registry fees.

5 – The transaction will be signed by the “Notario”, we will take care of organizing all necessary appointments and coordinate with the property owner.

6 – Once you´ve become the owner of you brand new villa, maybe you´d like to change the house at your will and maybe, only maybe, try to hire it to get some return.

Our Department of Building and reforms, will not only guide you in your choice, but will deal with all administrative requirements of the execution of the work requested and delivery of detailed budgets. Our Painting and Decoration department will help and advise on furnishment and decoration.

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Our Commercial Department will take care of your investment, making sure the villa´s been hiring and the customers are taking care of everything in it. Our 30 years of experience have given us our own nice customer data base, and in the other side we can commercialize your villa through our international Real Estate net.

Ibiza House Renting is responsible for the receipt and monitoring of their stay by offering customers our local services.

What has Ibiza got

Freddy Mercury, Noel Gallagher, Nikky Lauda, James Blunt, Mike Oldfield, Valentino Rossi….the list of people who own or have owned a house in Ibiza is quite long…what many people asks theirselves is what has Ibiza got? Why so many people come here on holiday and decide to stay?

The reasons can be  because of its mild weather, for the sun, for the beaches, for its good food, for the party….or maybe personal ones.


It´s a good place to stay, you´ve got a beautiful nature sorrounding each and every single town, in 5 minutes you can be on the top of a hill with the only company of the sound of the birds and cicadas or, in 5 minutes you can be laying on the sand with your favorite book. Just chilling.

Many good restaurants, the best clubs in the world, beautiful people, crystal waters, its little sister : Formentera ( the last paradise in the Mediterranean), markets where you can find unimaginable things, art, kraft, people….

It´s said that places are made by people, and people from the island is (we could say) natural.

We guess this is the main reason, this famous people you´re thinking of is treated like they´re “normal” people, just with a little respect and no fuss.

A place where their children can grow in a multi-cultural environment, close to nature and with this salty air, that you only realize it is there once you´ve left the island.

Peace, calm, another rythm, we walk slower than people coming from big cities, Ibiza is a place where you can manage your time. Many friends from big cities tell us so, “once you get out of the office you´ve got time to do many things, we, at home, we just can do one”


A place that when you get out to buy your daily bread, you can meet 25 different friends in a 200 meters distance, find your people every day, or in the other side you can spend 5 years without seeing your ex-boy/girlfriend that lives in the same area than you do.

For us ( and for what people tells ) Ibiza is one of the last places where the famous can genuily live like everyone else.


10 Reasons to rent a villa in Ibiza

It´s all about comfort, chilling & enjoying your holiday.Here are some reasons why our guests are putting their confidence on us to organize their holidays. These are the 10 reasons why our guests are renting a villa in Ibiza.

1 – Human touch. Emily, Laura, Carol & Wim will take care of you from minute 1. We´ll taking care of you, of your special needs and budget. We live in Ibiza all year round and we´re the first interested ones to keep you happy & satisfied, our best promotion is a happy client.

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2 – Service, we´ll pick you up from the airport and after sorting your car out ( you´ll need it for sure) we´ll come with you to the Villa that way you´ll find it easily and without waste of time driving around through roads and paths that are not on the maps.

3- Full Fridge service. If you´re interested you can have a full fridge on arrival, no matter at what time you get you´ll be able to have a light (or not) meal as soon as you get to the villa.

4 – You´ll spend your holidays with people you love. You don´t have to stand noisy neighbors nor maids knoking at your day every day at 09:00h. You´re on holiday & you do what you want.

5 – It has the advantages of being in a hotel without its inconveniences.

6 – Private swimming pool.  Woke up at 06:00h and you´d like to take a dip into it? Go ahead, no one will say a word.

7 – ¿Noise? Just birds & crickets

8  – More space for the same money as in a hotel. Privacy is another of the most important sales reasons, our guests apreciate quietness and the confidence that no one will come to disturb your time & peace.

9 – Special days. Ibiza House Renting guests usually order us some kind of special day or special night. We do help them, we do help you.
Organizing special dinners, parties, looking for a chef or maybe a baby sitting service, hiring a DJ for a day. You just have to tell us what do you need and what your thoughts are, we´ll sort them out for you.

special events

10 – Freedom.

Ibiza´s well known for it, we recommend you to have a car or two ( depending on how many people you are) , and just enjoy the energy this island transmits. If you are one of those that like to have holiday without plans and improvise as day passes by, just let us know and we´ll give you some ideas or book something to surprise you.