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The spanish “sobremesa” , a path to happiness.

The definition in wikipedia about the spanish “sobremesa” says :

“The After dinner activities period.This is a time for relax and resting, which in some countries , tends to take place immediately after lunch or dinner (especially lunch). It begins after pudding is served and tends to last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. During summertime and holiday periods these after-dinner activity periods tend to last longer. ” ses escoles oleoteca

For most of the first time visitors to Spain, there are two things that usually hits you in the face; the first one, the time at these spaniards have lunch or dinner ( so late), the second one, how many time do they spend sitting in the table, what do they do, what do they talk about. table in es caliu restaurant

It´s time to socialize, to remain sitting – usually for a long time – , smoking a cigarrette, talking… it´s said that most of the good business mad in Spain are made around a table, after a meal, during the “sobremesa”.

Spanish sobremesa is a tradition, is the time for the family, for friends, is when you update infos, your mood, with them…or just talk about work, or family, or friends, football, politics, gossip….

Afeter a good meal, with your beloved ones, with a coffee or a glass of “hierbas” , no rush, no watches, just talking, this is ( for real) the way that helps most of the spanish people to be happy.

It is said that there are a couple of little things that help us to be happy, which are  :

  • Sport practising, without competition, just because you want to be fit.
  • Hearing live music.
  • Study – learn something new.
  • Share your time with family and friends.
  • A good meal.

in the spanish “sobremesa” there are 2 of these 5 points included.

And on the other side, five are the human senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell.

In the “sobremesa” you´ve already pleased at least 3 of them, giving to it, giving to you the ocasion of touching and hearing other human beings. To socialize.  Matching the 5 boxes of the senses .

So if you´re the kind of traveler that loves to soak the local ambiance, if you´re visiting Spain, if you´ve got the chance to mix with the locals, give yourself a try and join them, join a “spanish sobremesa” , a path to happiness. sobremesa in casapiedra

Fun Filled Summer Activities in Ibiza

Ibiza is known for having the greatest nightclubs and one of the most beautiful coastlines. People who spend their summer vacation in this island get to have the best experiences ever. Want to know why? The summer activities in Ibiza are fun and fulfilling. You will get to experience bonding with your family & friends together with nature, the beach, and the wildlife.

Sought after activities and places to explore during summertime in Ibiza holiday rentals.

Aguamar Adventure
The teenagers and children would surely love this nice place in Playa d’en Bossa near Space club. It has seven slides, each with different shrieking factors. It also has swimming pools and playgrounds. It also has a picnic area where bringing of own meals is allowed.
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