Top Five Countries Who Love to Visit Ibiza

One of the rising stars in the tourism industry is Ibiza. This island has huge potential when it comes to attracting a lot of tourists every year. There are five regular visitors who love to come back frequently.

Here are their nationalities:

1. Great Britain. At 38.7%, taking more than 1/3 of the whole percentage in tourist visits, you can assume that the British definitely love Ibiza. This would not come as a surprise since the British love to party and Ibiza offers one of the best party scenes in the world.

Some Brits even note that partying in Ibiza is just like that at home, but with the best weather.

2. Germany. Germans also love to party. This may be a major reason why the total percentage for German visits in the past year equates to 26.3%. Informally referred to as the 17th state of Germany, the numerous parties set in this breathtaking setting is sure to attract more tourists in the years to come.

3. Spain. The Spanish come in at third place, at 11%, when it comes to visiting Ibiza. This is not a very surprising statistic since it is located just east of Spain. Being part of the autonomous community in the Balearic Islands, this is just 49 miles from the Spanish city of Valencia.

4. Italy. The Italians share 8% of the total annual tourist population for the last year. One of the major languages spoken on the island is Italian, so staying here is made more comfortable for them. Another is that traveling to Ibiza from Italy is convenient because you have the option to travel either by air or by sea.

5. France. Just last year, people coming from France amounted to 4.9%.

By looking at the figures, one would believe that Ibiza is really a great place to visit. It’s no wonder why these top five nationalities got their rank. Because, this country will surely give you a vacation experience that will take a lifetime to remember

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