How Tourism Industry Affects Ibiza’s Economic and Political Situation?

Economy and Politics are two things that are very separate but related at the same time. One slight change in one will definitely result to some alteration in the other. In Ibiza, one of the industries that greatly depend on the economy and politics is the tourism industry.

Yes, although this may be a quaint island, many have come to realize that this is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Every year, the number of tourists visiting Ibiza is amazingly growing at an unbelievable rate.

If you are one of the many who are thinking about going to this paradise island in the Mediterranean, then here is a primer on Ibiza’s current economy and political situation:

Economy. Due to the increased population of tourists, economy-wise, Ibiza is doing very good. This can be seen in how many foreigners consider and buy Ibiza real estate. Exclusive Ibiza luxury villas for rent are the preferred mode of living for most foreigners who rent luxury properties here due to the place’s great weather and panoramic views.

Investments are also doing good, relying heavily on the tourism industry as their main income-generator.

Know to be a party district, business related to hotels, clubs, bars, and restaurants are booming and pulling in a huge share from the market. Flights to and from Ibiza have also been increased to accommodate the increased number of visitors, especially during the peak season which starts at August of every year.

Politics. The local government of Ibiza has now paid more attention to its ecotourism industry and has launched a lot of attempts to help sustain it. Various seminars, campaigns, and activities (like tree planting) are planned and executed in an effort to help.

The effort was obviously worth it as Ibiza now boasts of another set of activities for those who are not into the ‘Ibiza Party Scene.’

So you see, Ibiza is definitely a great place to stay and have fun. Its booming tourism industry can be taken as a sure sign for a well governed and economically-promising location.

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