Our own construction and renovation department is obviously in compliance with all legal requirements such as liability insurance, social, labor risk prevention, ....

We offer all services related to new construction, to any type of renovation:

With our own staff: Applications for permits and licenses, coordinating with architects, structural, masonry, painting, floor covering type
Mortex, stone walls with our exclusive collaborators: wood or aluminum carpentry, electrical, heating and air conditioning, kitchen, garden ...

All work is supervised continuously and daily by two professional leaders. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality both in finish and structure, to meet deadlines granted by agreement.

Our interior design department, the exclusive domain of Ms.Dominique Chaudron, can help you in your plans as well as your choice of materials and furniture.

For more information, photographic reporting, please log on to our site-specific construction-renovation: www.ibizahouserenovation.com