MORTEX is a range of strong, high-tech and beautiful coating and special mortars. Aesthetics and technique will fit in perfect harmony on floors, walls, bathrooms and pools.

Mortex: the plaster goes everywhere! Mortex is a mortar powder made of a sophisticated combination of cement, selected quarry products and resin. The originality of Mortex is its unique and trendy look. A fashion loft style that will fit perfectly in contemporary houses as well as in traditional ones.

Mortex Etanche is a water-repellent coating used for sealing mineral based surfaces (foundations, basements, swimming pools, ...). Waterproof Mortex has strong physical qualities. Is currently much in vogue for making exclusive dyed pools!

Mortex Color is a multi-functional coating used for mineral-based surfaces (floors, walls, water features, work plans, ...). Color Mortex is currently in high demand for floors, walls and furniture of its “tadelakt” or "polished concrete" look.
Why Mortex?

Its very simple. Mortex is a strong material that can be used on many substrates that are not always easy to cover. It can be applied on old previously painted surfaces, concrete or plaster. It can be also applied on porcelain tiles, molten glass, brick, tile, stone or cinder blocks.

Mortex: a multi-benefit coating!

Mortex can be used on different surfaces and, in addition, it is waterproof. It may therefore be appropriate in bathrooms. With Mortex you save time and money. Indeed, while other coatings require you to destroy what already exists and reconstruct after, Mortex may be applied over the existing coating. In addition, the thickness of this coating is very convenient: 1 to 3 millimeters.

Mortex is also colorful, and you can work according to your own desires and give it the color of your dreams. Last but not least, the cost of coating an existing kitchen with Mortex will be approximately half of the traditional products. So, do not wait to discover the new coating fashion. Mortex is a waterproof, durable, reasonable and decorative product. It should quickly settle into your home.

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