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All about the magnetic island of Es Vedrà

Written on : 04 April 2019

Far from popular belief, Ibiza is not just about its wild parties that attract, each year, the hottest DJs of the moment. Alongside its vibrant nightlife, Ibiza is also full of beautiful natural areas and authentic villages where it is good to spend a few hours. Additionally, Ibiza is the place of all mysteries and legends. Among the most eccentric, let's stop on the rocky island of Es Vedrà. Uninhabited, this island is a famous mass of rock sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Discover the myths surrounding the magnetic island of Es Vedrà and how to observe this hotspot in Ibiza.

Es Vedrà: a magical and magnetic island

Es Vedrà: a magical and magnetic island

While many people come to Ibiza to party, others are intrigued or even terrified by the myths surrounding the White Isle. Some claim that the goddess Tanit cast a spell on Ibiza and that now the island would break couples apart. However, it is probably the rocky island of Es Vedrà that attracts the most absurd legends. Located at almost 400 metres above sea level, the island of Es Vedrà is just a short walk from Cala d'Hort. It is made of limestone and at its centre, stands a majestic rock that would represent the volcanic island Bali Hai in the Hollywood movie South Pacific.

Among the legends that surround the magical island of Es Vedrà, is one that states it is the third most magnetic point on the planet. Although there is no evidence of this claim, some claim that the summit of Es Vedrà rock holds a high concentration of energy that could attract the aliens! Specifically, the entire rocky island of Es Vedrà would be a large magnetic field capable of removing objects, disrupt compasses and frightening all visitors.

If, however, you decide to brave your fears and admire the beauty of the island of Es Vedrà, you will not regret it anytime soon! Standing at 385 metres above sea level, the rock of Es Vedrà seems to rise out of the water. The spot is even more impressive at sunset when the gradient of pinks and oranges of the sky is reflected in the Mediterranean Sea.

The mysterious origins of the rock of Es Vedrà

The mysterious origins of the rock of Es Vedrà

Pyramidal and rather large, the island of Es Vedrà constantly stirs the curiosity of its visitors. However, it is undoubtedly its eponymous rock which arouses the greatest interest. The rock of Es Vedrà has indeed many caves on its walls, which are rather difficult to access. Moreover, its singular shape and location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea makes it all the more impressive. This is probably why the rock of Es Vedrà is one of the most mysterious places in the world.

The question then arose of the origins of this enigmatic rock. While some claim it could be a lost piece of Atlantis, the continent that disappeared; others claim that the famous Egyptian pyramids were built from pieces of this rock, as the limestone is thought to contain a huge concentration of energy.

Let your imagination fly, and think of all the stories of this rock that lies in the middle of nowhere. Accessible only by sea, the rock of Es Vedrà is not the easiest place to visit in Ibiza but, as you can see, it is worth the detour!

UFOs, aliens and Ulysses: the strangest myths around the rock of Es Vedrà

In addition to the so-called magnetism of the rock of Es Vedrà, many have told a thousand and one legends about this mysterious rock. We make the point below.

In 1979, the pilot of a plane thought he saw a strange light that moved very quickly when flying over the rock of Es Vedrà. The pilot then contacted the control tower which was unable to identify the luminous object in question. The plane then chose another flight path. Some claim that this light came from unidentified flying objects, more commonly known as UFOs. Nevertheless, no evidence has been established since then.

Moreover, Es Vedrà would have been Odysseus' secret haunt in Homer's Odyssey, who was charmed by the siren song and the nymphs of the sea on this enigmatic island. Likewise, in the middle of the 19th century, Father Don Francisco Palau took refuge on the island of Es Vedrà and saw the Blessed Virgin and other mystical creatures there. It is also said that Es Vedrà is the birthplace of the goddess Tanit, goddess of fertility and births.

A last legend tells that at each sunset, you must play the drum in front of the rock of Es Vedrà to be able to return there.

Have these myths aroused your curiosity and do you now dream to put your feet on this stretch of magic and sacred rock? Do not wait any longer and rent a villa in Ibiza!

How to get to Es Vedrà?

How to get to Es Vedrà?

To reach Es Vedrà, the most convenient way is to take the boat to San Antonio. From there, you can organise a cruise all along the southern coast of Ibiza. During the trip, you can see natural coves in the wild, secluded beaches, beautiful bays nestled between steep cliffs and a rich and varied aquatic life. Renting a boat to go to Es Vedrà is also the perfect opportunity to try snorkelling and explore the majestic seabed of the White Isle. Finally, you can anchor at Es Vedrà, an uninhabited island, yet one that is full of life. While enjoying this natural haven of peace, you can try to uncover the secrets of this enigmatic island. Do not forget to swim in the cool blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea before heading back to land.

The best places to observe the rock of Es Vedrà

The best places to observe the rock of Es Vedrà

If you find that Es Vedrà is too difficult to access, do not panic! You can still observe this rocky island from different spots in Ibiza. Unfortunately, the most beautiful panoramas are accessible only by car. However, you can spend the day in Cala d'Hort from where you will have a breathtaking view of the rock of Es Vedrà.

The Torre des Savinar is also a place from which you will have fantastic views of the island and the rock of Es Vedrà. Located at the southwestern end of the White Isle, in the area of ​​Punta de Sa Pedrera, the Torre des Savinar also deserves a few hours, if only to contemplate this fabulous pirate tower, the authentic village and, of course, the sublime panoramas of the spectacular rock of Es Vedrà.