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Top Activities to do in Ibiza with Children

Written on : 20 January 2021
By : Laura Wendy Harders López
Top Activities to do in Ibiza with Children

Though Ibiza is a famed island for its glamorous and fun parties, it's also a great destination to spend your family vacation. You can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities, water sports, picnics, wildlife spotting, among other activities-- which your children will absolutely adore!  
So, here we've put together a list of some great activities to try with children while you're vacationing on the magical island of Ibiza. Enjoy!
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1) Hippy Markets

It would seem remiss coming to Ibiza and miss visiting the funky hippy markets on the island. Composed of a plethora of stalls from food, souvenirs, toys, handicrafts to clothing, and many other knick-knacks-- your children will love looking around and enjoy the spirited atmosphere. 
When you finish browsing the stalls, head towards one of their decent cafes which are also only a stone's throw away from the beach. 
One of the best ones on the island is the Dalias Market-- an upbeat market full of colours, scents, music, products from around the world, and a beautiful bar-restaurant worth the try. 

2) Water parks

For those pleasant sunny days full of fun, head to one of Ibiza's water parks! Experience exhilarating slides, attractions for the little ones, inflatable playgrounds on the sea, or water trampolines. A water park will sure make for a day full of entertainment and joy. One of them is Aguamar located in the heart of D'en Bossa beach. This water park has numerous attractions, areas to relax and sunbathe, lovely gardens for picnics, not to mention a decent restaurant to enjoy your family meal. 

3) Ecological Farms

What about visiting an ecological farm? You can find a bunch of them on the island, providing memorable experiences for your kids to discover the many local animals, buy 100% organic vegetables and fruit, and even partake in one of their many workshops! Visiting an ecological farm can be a delightful excursion for children and parents. One of them you can check out is Can Musón-- perfect for nature lovers and beautiful bucolic sceneries; an ideal change of environment from the Ibizan beaches. Also, don't forget to try one of their delicious organic breakfast and brunch meals they serve. Picture yourself and your kids soaking up the sun rays while contemplating the beautiful countryside surroundings and eating fresh nutrient-packed foods and smoothies. This farm also offers many children's activities for them to be entertained. 

4) Hit the Beach

4) Hit the Beach

Sometimes, it's just better to not have a plan at all in Ibiza. The island's plethora of idyllic beaches can make for a perfect family outing, without having to ponder much on the day's itinerary, beaches here can offer plenty of fun things to do. Whether you go swimming, build sandcastles, have a picnic, relish at the "chiringuito" restaurants, or engage in some fun water sports, hitting the beach is always a good plan to spend a joyful day with your family. 
One of the ideal beaches for children is Cala Llenya in Sant Joan-- which is also one of the most virgin and hidden beaches on the island. Here, you can enjoy its 190 metres stretches of white sand, crystal clear shallow waters, a quiet rocky area and also the possibility of renting sunshades and hammocks. What's more, here you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful coves on the island, such as Aïgues Blanques, Cala Mastella, or Es Figueral. You can also add to your beach checklist: Cala Llonga which has a lovely picnic area ideal for families, Portinatx with a children's playground, and Ses Salines which is next to a Natural Park where you can spot beautiful flamingos. 

5) Horseriding

Do your children fancy horseriding on the island? A delightful and enjoyable fun activity to fit in your holiday itinerary. Not only will you and your family feel in touch with nature and beautiful surroundings, but also get the chance to connect with these majestic animals and even learn or improve your riding skill. Can Mayans is a riding school on the island with over 36 years of experience-- offering riding excursions and lessons for adults and children starting from 4 years of age and with a duration between 30-45 minutes. This school also gives guided pony excursions for children to go and explore the lovely countryside. They also have a decent cafe-bar to enjoy a sandwich and a coffee while taking in the beautiful natural setting.

6) Snorkelling

If you and your kids love an adventure, then pack up a sandwich, something to drink, and your swim goggles or diving mask for a day of snorkelling! Snorkelling can be a very fun family activity. Plenty of companies run different daily excursions for big groups to explore the hidden gems under the water. Snorkel excursions at S'Illot des Renclí give the chance to discover Posidona-- a marine plant declared a UNESCO World Heritage. 
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