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Villa Villa 725, Rental in IbizaIbiza - 6 Bedrooms
Villa Villa 701, Rental in IbizaIbiza - 5 Bedrooms
Villa Villa 925, Rental in IbizaIbiza - 4 Bedrooms

A thousand and one reasons to travel to ibiza with a pet

You want to travel but being separated from your pet is unbearable? We thought of everything! We offer a selection of villas that accept pets so you can make the most of your stay. Do not wait any longer and discover Ibiza with your pet!
For many people, a pet is one more member of the family. That's why we suggest you go to Ibiza with your darling pet! The White Isle offers a plethora of possibilities for a pet. From natural landscapes to heavenly beaches, your pet can have fun wherever he or she wants! Away from the clichés, Ibiza is not only an island to party. Indeed, the White Isle also has fascinating corners where nature reigns. Ideal for travelling with your pet, Ibiza will seduce you for sure!

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Ibiza - 5 BedroomsVilla Villa 819, Rental in IbizaWoitaszek M. - September 2016

This villa is really fabulous, my entire group loved our stay here! The location provided stunning views...

Ibiza - 4 BedroomsVilla Villa 890, Rental in IbizaWilfer F. - May 2017

We liked very much the villa and the area. We spent a nice week and enjoyed it very much but we hope...

Ibiza - 6 BedroomsVilla Villa 913, Rental in IbizaRitchie A. - July 2016

Location was excellent, pool area/view amazing. Lots of space for the large number of people staying...

Our villas that accept animals

To make your stay even more enjoyable, we are responsible for selecting villas that accept pets. These luxurious properties have large gardens so that your pet can roam at will. For your comfort, we advise you to rent a villa in the countryside but we also offer villas in the center of the island according to your expectations. Finally, some of our pet-friendly properties have direct access to the beach for your enjoyment. Choose Ibiza now for a stay with your pet!

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Our concierge is here to help you prepare your villa stay

Our concierge is here to help you prepare your villa stay

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