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Luxury villa rentals Benimussa

Ancestral region

Benimussa is crossed by a valley which makes it one of the most beautiful and singular regions of Ibiza. It occupies a good part of the territory of Sant Josep, while being close to Sant Antoni. The Spanish valley owes its name to the wife of Benimussa who was one of the most important personalities of the island. In the past, Benimussa enjoyed great popularity in Ibiza, leading to the construction of a large church in the eighteenth century.



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Lush natural landscapes

The Benimussa Valley is crossed by the path bearing the same name, with several bifurcations that will allow you to cross the city for Sant Antoni and Sant Rafel. This bucolic region is rich in beautiful farmland on the plains and mountains, and abundant in carob, fig, almond and olive trees. Within a picturesque and calm landscape, you will be able to walk the very calm road, ideal for the strolling and appreciating the unusual landscapes. You start off right, at the beginning of the road is the plantation of Joan Benet, a pioneer of olive oil on the island. Throughout your journey, you find remains such as old wells.

Benimussa Park

If Benimussa has many places of authenticity and tranquility, most revellers can also find their happiness. Benimussa Park is Ibiza's largest open air venue, an exceptional place where the most unusual and fun summer events take place. Having opened in 1975 as a zoo, the park has decided to keep its species intact and to remain surrounded by nature. Amphitheater, lounge, barbecue, swimming pool, gardens, everything is in place to spend unforgettable moments for both children and adults. Indeed, children can enjoy the fantastic site called "Fantasilandia".