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Luxury villa rentals Cala Codolar

An idyllic setting

A few kilometers from Sant Josep, Cala Codolar is one of the longest beaches in Ibiza, but also one of the least frequented by tourists. Near the center of Eivissa, this little corner of paradise is accessible by car. Covered with greyish pebbles on one part, and white and soft sand on the other, it offers a nice contrast of grey, white, and the blue of its crystalline water. In the background of this heavenly colour, you can admire the famous marshes of Salinas, part of the protected natural reserves of Ibiza. A feast for the eyes!



  1. Ibiza West

Number of rooms

  1. 3+
  2. 4+
  3. 5+
  4. 6+

Equipment and Services

  1. Children welcome
  2. Garden
  3. Tennis
  4. Private parking space
  5. Swimming pool

Number of people

  1. 6 persons +
  2. 12 persons +

Charming places of Ibiza

  1. Cala Codolar
  2. San José


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Ibiza - Ibiza West

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A local atmosphere

Although Cala Codolar is not particularly populated by tourists, it attracts locals who gather there as a family to enjoy the vast spaces. Also, the beach is one of the few in Ibiza where you can see surfers on windy days. A beautiful place to feel the waves and local customs of the island.

A break from the bustle of Ibiza

This beach is perfect for a relaxing moment surrounded by an idyllic setting, away from the hustle and bustle of Ibiza. Expect a wild setting, where only a bar and umbrella rental are installed. The rest of Cala Codolar is entirely dedicated to nature. It is a perfect place to admire the marine life and many species of birds. If you are a surf enthusiast, you will find your happiness among the many people who come to chase the waves.