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An Unforgettable Night Out in Ibiza

Written on : 06 June 2019
By : Samantha Franco
An Unforgettable Night Out in Ibiza

First time clubbing on the island? Here is all the information you need on Ibiza’s nightlife scene. With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming to figure out what to do and where to go. The high tourist season runs from the start of May to the end of October. During this time, all the bars, restaurants and clubs are open, so it is the ideal time to visit.

A night out typically starts off with grabbing a bite at one of the numerous exquisite restaurants on the white island. Then moving into the city centre for some drinks is always the best choice. Perfect for mingling with friends, locals, and the other travelers passing through the gorgeous island. Finished with a visit to one of the many legendary clubs, usually headlined by well-renowed DJs.

Cool bars on the beautiful island of Ibiza

Cool bars on the beautiful island of Ibiza

Bar 1805

Tucked away in the cobbled streets of the trendy district Sa Penya lies an enclave that combines great food, a french flair and potent absinthe-fuelled cocktails. The setting is simply stunning, nestled between the white washed walls of the old town, so close to the harbour you can smell the fresh sea air. The perfect spot for some al fresco dining!

Opening its doors at 8:05pm every night, the eclectic french canteen celebrates absinthe and the artists, writers and philosophers who were inspired by the fabled green liquid. The bar is loved by Ibiza locals and you can be sure to run into some interesting characters.
If you are in a group of three or more, be sure to order the signature Green Beast. This absinthe based cocktail is served in a punch bowl and is a favorite among many.

If you are looking for something on the sweeter side then order the Absenta Colada, made with absinthe, coconut cream and watermelon.  Moules-frites cooked in a coriander cream sauce, entrecôte steak, goat cheese salad, and other bites are served until 2am.

Paradise Lost

Hidden away in a small corner of Ibiza’s famous old town is this little gem that might just be one of the coolest hangouts in town. It attracts a very diverse crowd, from locals to tourists, from artists to businessmen. They have music and DJs on many nights, but nothing too hectic - a perfect warm-up for a night out.

Named in homage to Milton’s poem about temptation in the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost is the perfect bar for a chill and chat. The bar is filled with drip-inked paintings, leather sofas, neon signs and kitsch decor.

Paradise lost is the place to be for rum aficionados and cocktail connoisseurs. Be sure to try the Hurricane, made with rum, orange juice, passion fruit, lime and homemade grenadine. If you need a pick-me-up then order the Kingstone Express, a mix of rum, creme de cacao and a shot of espresso. Anything you order is guaranteed to be a hit. The service is also spectacular and they collaborate with the place next door, so you can also order food if you are craving a bite. Open daily from 8pm to 4am.

Petit Vermut

Petit vermut is the island’s first vermoutheria. This bar, situated behind the Mercat Vell in the Marina neighbourhood, has a very peculiar style, a gentle soul that captivates all who pass by. Decorated with a certain retro flair. The locale is the ideal spot to have a drink with friends and some tapas before partying the night away on the famous white island.

The vermouth they serve is entirely artisanal. The menu is full of different types of vermouths, wines, cavas and cocktails, many of them made with the star drink, such as the mojut, mojito de vermut. To eat they offer salads, sandwiches and gourmet dishes. Petit Vermut also operates as a shop, all the products offered on the menu can be bought.

The best clubs for a fun night out

The best clubs for a fun night out


If you’re a believer that bigger is always better, then Privilege is the club for you. Priviledge, known as Ku Club between 1979 and 1995, is the world’s largest nightclub according to the Guinness Book of Records capable of hosting a whopping 10,000 people. Located near the village of San Rafael, the night club offers even the most experienced clubber magical moments they won’t forget.

It’s quite difficult to grasp the scale of things in Privilege. The main spectacle is the huge central room which features a swimming pool and laser light shows that illuminate the whole place. Want a change of scenery? You will have a lot to choose from between the Vista Club, Vista Blue, various gardens and other chill out spots.


Amnesia is no rookie to throwing epic parties! Every night the party exudes a festival-like atmosphere and an electric vibe. Some dare to say it is the best club in the world and the three Best Global Club Award back this up.

The club has a capacity of 5000 people and the incredible parties make sure that the place is always sold out. Amnesia has two massive rooms, the first one boasts the most heavy and powerful beats, while the other enjoys stunning views and is designed to let in the sun’s early rays whilst the music is still running through your entire body.  


Ushuaia is the most modern nightclub on the island. The club was built just eight years ago but it has quickly garnered a huge reputation. It is Live performances of the top DJs in the world, the most exclusive day and night ambience in a modern setting and designed with all kinds of comforts, luxuries and VIP services. You simply couldn’t wish for more.

Throughout the summer Ushuaia host parties by their large pool between the hours of 5pm and 12:00am. So if you’re looking to start your night out earlier than usual then Ushuaia is the place for you.