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Luxury villa rentals Benirras

A natural and enchanting setting

Benirras is one of the unmissable places of Ibiza. Bringing a magical dimension, this mysterious formation of rock in the middle of its blue waters offers breathtaking sunsets. The beach is of reasonable size, offering an intimate and wild atmosphere. Rather busy, it has still preserved its unparalleled authenticity. Lying against a mountain covered with pines, Benirras is a haven of peace rocked by nature.



  1. Ibiza North

Number of rooms

  1. 6+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Children welcome
  3. Heated swimming pool
  4. Cinema lounge

Charming places of Ibiza

  1. Benirras


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  2. Villas for photo shoots
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Types of property

  1. Luxury villas
1 Villa Villas

Ben Paradise

1 858 € - 3 429 €  per night 6 Bedrooms - 6 Bathrooms
12 persons max.

Ibiza - Ibiza North
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Benirras, aka the hippie beach

But apart from its enchanting setting, this place is home to tradition and culture, as every Sunday, the famous Ibiza hippie community meets to play percussion during the sunset on the beach. In a welcoming, festive and bohemian atmosphere, it is a timeless journey that opens up to you; back to the 70's. You can let yourself be carried away by the exhilarating music of this fascinating show. Imagine; djembe shows, hippie steps, all with an exclusive view of the crystal clear sea. Also, you can walk in the middle of its market of "peace and love", rich in vibrant colors.
In addition to the hippie celebrations, Cala Benirras is famous for its activities and nightlife where you can enjoy concerts, dances, and other artistic performances.

An accessible and protected beach

Few beautiful beaches of Ibiza are as easily accessible as Cala Benirras. Thus, accompanied by your loved ones, you can indulge in the activities that the beach of white sand and crystal clear waters offers. Protected, the sea is calm and allows a quiet swim for all. Put on your fins, mask and snorkel and go admire the marine life, as pretty as the flora that surrounds it. Small, cosy bars greet you along the coast for refreshments. An ideal beach to share an exclusive experience in a relaxed atmosphere.