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Ultra luxury villas rentals in Ibiza

Ultra luxury Villa Rentals in Ibiza

For years now, ultra-luxury tourism has been developing on the island of Ibiza. In the middle of yachts and private villas, travellers from all over the world come to discover the splendours of the white island. Even celebrities have expressed their interest and regularly visit Ibiza. To taste this ultimate luxury, we invite you to discover our selection of ultra luxury villas in Ibiza. The entire Ibiza House Renting team will do its utmost to guarantee that you have a unique stay in the world. 



  1. Ibiza East
  2. Ibiza South

Number of rooms

  1. 6+
  2. 7+
  3. 8+

Equipment and Services

  1. Children welcome
  2. Fitness room
  3. Garden
  4. Private parking space
  5. House staff
  6. Cinema lounge
  7. Hammam
  8. Swimming pool
  9. Jacuzzi

Charming places of Ibiza

  1. Es Cubells
  2. Ibiza Town
  3. San Carlos
  4. San José


  1. Beachfront villas
  2. Corporate retreat villas
  3. Countryside villas
  4. Event villas
  5. Family friendly villas
  6. Fully staffed villas
  7. Large group villas
  8. Villas for photo shoots
  9. Villas near the city
  10. Villas with a view of the ocean
  11. Villas with chef
  12. Villas with extra privacy
  13. Villas with jacuzzi
  14. Villas with swimming pool
  15. Waterfront villas
  16. Wedding villas

Types of property

  1. Architectural villas
  2. Ultra luxury villas
4 Villa Villas
1 607 € - 6 458 € per night
traveler 20 bed 10 bath 10

Ibiza - Ibiza South
4 464 € - 7 053 € per night
traveler 12 bed 6 bath 6

Ibiza - Ibiza South
3 571 € - 6 250 € per night
traveler 12 (16 max.) bed 6 bath 6

Ibiza - Ibiza South
8 412 € - 15 000 € per night
traveler 14 bed 7 bath 7

Ibiza - Ibiza East

No results for your criteria.
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Ibiza, a luxurious destination

The simple mention of the white island already brings to mind the immense boats, immaculate beaches and golden sand. It is true that in Ibiza, they do not do things halfway. From the most exclusive coffee shops to nightclubs hosting celebrities, Ibiza has become iconic and essential for all those who love extraordinary experiences. Because we want to offer you the best for your holidays in Ibiza, we encourage you to rent an ultra-luxury villa. This way, you can make the most of your stay and make your holidays with family or friends unforgettable. 

Refined and exclusive services in our ultra-luxury villas

To meet your needs, we have thought of every detail. Thanks to our carefully selected villas, embark on a trip to Ibiza and discover exclusive services designed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. From villas with private swimming pool to properties equipped with a spa, as well as those with a house staff and a chef, our selection of ultra-luxury villas in Ibiza will undoubtedly meet your expectations. Treat yourself to the best and book your dream Ibiza holiday now!